Need I say more? (Hope not bcz I’m currently in Emergency *SpAzZzZzZzzzZZZzzzzz* mode!)

7 Responses to “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (heh)”

  1. 1 KathyH July 9, 2010 at 6:43 am

    Obviously, everyone who sees this photo goes into a stupor. I wonder if we should hire someone to do a fan base census so that we may account for everyone. Some may be flat on their floors, still.

  2. 3 vermeer July 10, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    beebee I just stepped out of the twitter dimension and came here to the Planet and my favorite rubber room, the Archu-oasis. Boy, twitter’s gotten all my attention lately (thanks to youuuuuu!!!!) I have not been making my regular rounds to check into fellow fans’ blogs except rather sporadically. I missed a bunch of your posts for one!!

    So how does David Archuleta do that??!! You know, THAT!!! Look into the camera that way??!! I don’t know what to say, he is impossible, impossibly irresistible(?), mesmerizing(?), he GRABS you with his eyes, with that look! Does he know that’s what he is doing?? Is he really innocent? Innocent about how amazingly gorgeous he is with amazing gorgeous orbits, the windows to his amazing soul???!!! It’s his soul we are peering into. The ALTNOY music video director knew it when he said “There’s a lot going on behind those eyes!” You got that right Mister! So — I.give.up. To resist is futile. Those eyes have made THAT abundantly clear!!

    Thank you for everything beebee. I’ve been having loads of fun at that other place hanging with you and some of my favorite people. <333

  3. 4 vermeer July 11, 2010 at 12:22 am

    HOW(!!) in the world did I even miss The Peace David post?! Instead of going to bed, I went back to make sure I didn’t miss anything else and learned that I did! I could’ve learned about the kikikikik almost a month ago!! Instead you had to personally explain that to me t o d a y . Doy! Like I said, it sounded totally plausible as a new kind of laugh, you know, kikikiki, but KIK as a typing mistake of LOL is so much funnier!! And also about THE Princess! I swore you and she were one person lololol, I mean kikikik! :))))

  4. 5 beebee July 11, 2010 at 9:58 am

    Vermeeeeeeeer! Look what I made you DO! I dragged you into the twitter vortex. Can you EVAH forgive me? :) (I just know one day you’re gonna wake up cursing me for infecting you… kikiki)

    I really am glad you are in on the fun. I find it monumentally hilarious how the archu_community just uses twitter as this giant random chit chat boom boom room or sumpn…kiki It’s perfect for both the O.D.D. afflicted AND the A.D.D. afflicted. None’a’that pesky “stick to the topic” expectation… lol

    OH! AND… can’t tell you how tickled I am that you’ve stumbled upon The Princess! kikiki She is so hilarious it makes mah haid fall off! We “met” on twitter… talk about a collision of unbridled nincompoopery! LOL. And that TYPO (kik = lol)… best typo in recorded history, imo….kikiki

    As for this lil rubber room (oh… so glad you saw The Peace David! What a blessed chunk o video bliss, huh? Say “Thank you, Jonerz” :) ) Luckily there’s not all that much to catch up on here. I just had to make a spot where I could spazz out without imposing on others. I just don’t have anything new to say. I mean, how many ways can a person spazz out and have a full blown archu_breakdown in the middle of somebody else’s conversation? Best to establish a colony in outer space. Yep.

    Also, the real truth is that sometimes keeping up with all the other sites is more than I can do. If I keep to a smaller, “managed” vortex (bah!) I’m a perfectly happy nincompoop. (which is nice. :p)

    As for the SBL cover art… sheesh-o-rama on a STICK. Good LORD. The thing about David is, he knows he’s young and as he says “immature” (bah! — solly buddy, wrong vocabulary choice there)… but he is innocent, I’ll give him that. YET, he’s catching up with himself and the “world” at warp speed… WITHOUT compromising himself or losing his way … anyway, I’ve always perceived that for all that youthful and genuine innocence (the guy is nothing if not genuine, fo sho) he’s been (1) extremely mature and wise beyond his years… AND aware of his “power” FOR QUITE AWHILE. Watching him come to grips with how to HANDLE that power has been just one more ridiculously satisfying aspect of the Archu_experience from this fan’s perspective. And all that said… UM, YES… I do believe he DOES know eggZACKLY what he’s doing. (Lil stinker)

    Ok, I am blitherbombing. Sorry. (Wait. *slaps self*. That’s what this planet is FOR. kikiki)

    One last thing: I really do see Something ‘Bout Love as David’s EXCEEDINGLY WELL EXECUTED tip of his hat to that particular genre of POP. And, boyhowdy, he did it and he did it RIGHT, baby! (I saw your comments about FOSTER’s comment. HOW DARE HE. Just another old clueless fart, I guess. WHO KNEW? kikiki) Per usual, Mister Real Deal managed to SHOW ‘EM HOW IT’S DONE… ROYALLY… and do so withOUT any swagga or ‘tude or false bravado (as if)… and managed to infuse it with all the love and compassion and empathy and hope and JOY (and MUSICAL INTELLIGENCE and CHOPS and Guh-ROOVITUDE YO!) that he has to give. BRAVO, DAVID!! BRAVOOOOO!!! Show ’em how it’s DONE! :) :) Add to this that he has made it very clear that SBL does NOT reflect the “vibe” of the rest of the music in his upcoming CD… FRACK! =:O So he throws out some ridiculously addictive (Yet, NUTRITIOUS) POP CANDY… and then promises a FULL BLOWN FEAST to FOLLOW? Aaaauuuugggghhh!

    Phew. Well that oughta hold me for awhile. kikiki I GOTTA try and get stuff done today! (psh.) Thanks for popping in, Vermeer! You’re the bestest! {{hugz}}

  5. 6 vermeer July 16, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    beebee, is there such a thing as “a smaller, “managed” vortex”?? I’ve been hopelessly (but quite happily) flailing around and around in that craaaaazy Archuvortex for quite some time now, along with ya’all! As far as Twitter, am learning to maneuver myself around and exercising self-control (ha!) when necessary! So no cursing at ya yet, or ever! But I must brace myself for when his album cover art is revealed. I am in danger of hyperventilating just thinkin’ about it. Take a deeep breadth…

    Have a great day in warm (hot?) Napa! :)

    • 7 beebee July 16, 2010 at 6:08 pm

      bwahahaha! Great concept. I was JUST thinking about a *squee* management system myself. lol

      So, I guess we’re to expect an album cover art leak, right? And maybe some photoshoot pix leaks… (And mooooaaar songs, I hope!)

      Glad you’re havin’ fun zippin’ around the twitterverse. (I hope i never give you cause fer cussin’! Jez *smack* me if I need it!)

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