For those who do happen to stumble upon Planet Hunkerdown and find yourself wondering — the term “hunkerdown” in THIS context refers to that “thang” which is done by David when he’s reaching all the way down (piercing the earth’s core and going straight through to China and back) to pull out one of those “what just happened” notes of his and leaving it all on the stage floor, (as demonstrated here, for example, at the end of this live performance of Stand By Me, San Diego, CA, June 20, 2009). Phew! The Mighty Archuleta Hunkerdown, yes ma’am!

Another fine specimen (or two or three) of The Mighty Archuleta Hunkerdown can be found in this peformance of “Apologize” in St. Louis during the Idol Tour. (Matters not one nit that this vid is cut off at the beginning, it’s STILL one of my faves. GUH! SUCH PASSION. *fans self*)

Whoa Nelly!

Though I may not be here all that regularly or predictably, one thing you can bet money on is that I lurrrrrve David Archuleta. He is moz def the real deal in every way conceivable. And, honey, he can SANG!

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