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I could drink a case of you*

This is a screen shot but, as you've prolly discovered, when you click it, it goes die-RECT-ly to the actual Planet RamblyDavid. lol

As someone with a short attention span my own self, I find it nothing short of miraculous that I can watch this hour long chunk of archu_RamblyRamblin deluxe w.i.t.h.o.u.t…s.o..m.u.c.h…a.s…b.l.i.n.k.i.n.g…a.n…e.y.e. LOL. Now WHY IS THAT? HM? (No need to answer that question. lol)  This is like the m.o.a. vlogs. Gimme mooooaaaaarrrr *grabby hands* I can take as much of this as you can dish out!

But, David, if that Ustream LIVE one-hour, crazy rolling chat room Q&A format wears you down, just remember, we all ADORE your regular, garden-variety vlogs, too. OK? You don’t HAFTA do whacketywhack live chat q&a if it’s too taxing. (But, yo, we’ll all BE THERE if you DO. :) )

Pressing (if random) Question: So, people, don’t you agree, David wouldn’t oh so recklessly talk about LOVING (to TRY to…lol) Bachata if he weren’t seriously considering unleashing it on stage here pretty soon? (At least a little? Hey, we’ll take anything…) Well, I agree. (with myself. lol) (which is nice)

… and I would still be on my feet…*

* Disproportionately hefty footnote: Hard to know who reads the planet or what their musical tastes and whatnot are. That’s just one of the crazy, kooky things about being a David fan—so many people of all stripes love and “get” David (who, as we all know, is the real deal on every conceivable front, in every conceivable way.) Anyway in case you don’t get the musical reference, “Case of You,” and its relevance to David (besides the OBVOIOUS fact that we could all drink a case or two of him and still be on our FEET, that is)… I am so PLEASED I managed to FIND the interview I remembered reading some time back (late ’08? early ’09?) wherein he cited as one of his very favorite albums NOT just any ole album from the ’70’s, but truly one of my most favorite albums EVER. I remember, upon first reading that interview, promptly spinning into deep archu_squee_spazz mode and my already ridiculously deep appreciation for David exploded exponentially on the spot. (Actually, this happens a lot. He blows my mind all the dang time.) Anyway, the interview was on a UK site, and the part I’m talking about is his reference to the album “Blue” by Joni Mitchell. Mitchell is such a brilliant poet, songwriter, musician (and painter!) That David thoroughly appreciates this (or even knows who Joni Mitchell is, fer pete’s sake) just makes me CRAZY. Almost as crazy as his appreciation for Eva Cassidy, Ella Fitzgerald… and frankly the amazing mix of musical influences that delight him. But with the Joni/Eva/Ella references, it’s like he tries to think up things that he KNOWS will speak VOLUMES to ME about his depth of musical genius…AS IF I couldn’t discern it all instantly just from watching him in action. GUH!  I do and have experienced it ALL just from watching him in action. But still. lol… makes meh squee mah haid off when he reveals stuff like that. OK, where was I? Oh…here’s the excerpt:

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh man, I don’t know, that’s too hard to choose!

What if you had to pick one, or get your head chopped off?

Okay, I guess it totally depends on my mood. Maybe a John Mayer CD, I really like his live album, Where The Light Is.; it’s a really good one. Or maybe, Blue by Joni Mitchell, that’s one of my favourite records. I love every song on that CD.


Suffice it to say, I highly recommend everybody run (do not walk) to Amazon or iTunes and buy Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” album…or ELSE… imma chop yo haid off! kikiki  ok not really. Just realize: David LOVES this album. I think you will, too.



Got Salsa?

Well, I guess it was inevitable that I’d hafta go and make a merry go round of this. I mean LOOK AT THEM. Oh, the joy! Oh, the love! And HONEY, SUCH MOVES! Who knew? I’ll TELL ya who knew -> I KNEW!!!! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I KNEW he had that dance thang in is bones. (How could he NOT?) Mister smooth, adorable, real deal with a pinch of awkward just for archu_authenticity. What a DOLL. BOTH OF THEM! Oh Lupe! You are so fine!  Like mama, like son. :)  I realize this music is a kind of a mismatch…but the more I watched the revolving clip with this music… the more attached I got to it. I now dig it the most. (Somehow with the b&w.. LOL Hey, WORKS FOR ME. *clicks replay* :)

OH and (SO) many thanks to pattirae1 for sharing the original vid(s) with all of us!

soulful to the bone


On Newstands Now!

Soooo excited about David’s CD dropping next week! *squeeeeeeeee!*

Ohhh Kayla and Jenna …~!@#$%^*(%$#@!~

*bangs head on wall*


~@#$%^&* ((*^%#@! @#$%^)( *&^%$#@ ~!@#$%) (&^%$#@ !!@#$%^ &(*&^%$#@!@#$ %^&*(* &^$#@! @#$%^ ^%(  hellllllp meeeeeeeeeeeee

For in-depth discussion, refer to this exhaustive expert analysis

Me-0-my, in all my *sPaZzZzzZzY-ness* I almost forgot to post the full video in all it’s unbearably wonderful glory! There is SO MUCH Archu_GOLD in this gem, i can’t even…


thank you 8throwcenter (muldur! <3)


hellllllllppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

thank you emilyluvsarchie  :) <3

thank you jr4djma :) (JackRyan4da! <3)

thank you ArchuletaAvenue :) (Wanda! :) <3)

*bangs head on table*


It’s ever so KABOOMish

Something ‘Bout Love has officially dropped—what better time to blither on and onnnnn about the awesomeage of David and Something ‘Bout Love. (Again. heh)

It’s been a loooong time since I gave anything even vaguely techno-lectro-bot dance-clubby-sounding even a nanosecond’s worth of my attention. To me that genre has always felt simultaneously D.O.A. and way too in my face. No heart. No soul. Nothin’ but noisy, meaningless, over-produced, canned, empty calories for me. But THEN David dishes it out and does so in the only flavor he serves up: DEEE-LUXE, with extra, vitamin-enriched SPRINKLES and a big honkin’ DOLLOP of whipped cream.

When I first heard SBL the *spazz* quotient immediately flew clean off the METER for me. I was flung into immediate and ongoing emergency spazz mode. *TILT*TILT*TILT* Yes, of course I hear the snycopated lectro-techno canned dance-clubby vibe with the (i gotta say, prit-tee judiciously applied, imo) autotune, even though he certainly could’ve delivered this little ditty just as magnificently (no, moooaar magnificently) without it,  and I’m the first to confess that historically that vibe has never been my thang (still isn’t)… STILL, SBL instantaneously registered in my mind as a WHOA! Show’em how it’s done KA-BOOOM-ey sorta thing. (: And that earworm took up permanent residence immediately.

I have to wonder if David’s worried about what we’ll take away from this song.  I do know he did (almost dismissively) refer to it as (just?) a “summer fun” kinda thing, and has said publicly that autotune is not for him (got that right, buddy…dear Jive, no need for gratuitous synthesizing with the Archulator. You did better this time, but do like I do…Trust The Archulator) and he did make sure we heard him say that it is not representative of the overall vibe his upcoming album Other Side of Down will have —and while I’m glad it’s not indicative of the overall direction he’s taking with his sophomore album, YOU KNOW WHAT? It is just so STINKIN’ much FUN! It definitely screams SUMMER HIT to me. OK, David, we’re on the same page in this way: You say summer fun, I say summer fun. It is moz def summer fun. I can only guess that this mildly apologetic note I seem to detect (maybe it’s just me) may be because the choice to make SBL the summer single was a compromise to appease “the suits.” Maybe there was something else he’d rather have released as a single. (Maybe that’s partly what performing Parachutes and Airplanes and Not A Very Good Liar and If I Could Only Be, live, was all about. Maybe. And I love those songs. R.E.A.L.L.Y…L.O.V.E…T.H.E.M.) Or maybe he was a little bit worried that some of his fans would think this is the new him if SBL was the chosen single and they would drop him. (Oh, David, honey, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Trust me.)

I just hafta say, Something ‘Bout Love is one massive LOVEBOATLOAD of Summer Fun, AND I can already tell it’ll definitely catch the attention of a measurable chunk of music consumers out there who up til now were NOT paying attention. BUT THEY ARE NOW :) (and that is probably precisely why it was selected as the summer single release.)  Just random reactions I’ve caught wind of in response to the early radio play it has already received bears this out.  And — because it’s David — woven right into the fabric of SBL’s lectro-boppy-poppy heart it is steeped in his ever present message of hope and encouragement and optimism: Despite all the ups and downs of love…the blaming yourself… the world falling down like rain…you gotta move on… live and let live… don’t give up…don’t lose hope… take your time… you gotta believe… and hang on HANG ONNNN for the ride of your liiiiiife … bcz it’s worth it…bcz it’s gonna be alright…bcz ultimately something bout LOVE sets you freeeee. And it’s all wrapped up in a vehicle bursting with irrepressible, youthful optimism and a big fat “It’s SUMMER, DANGIT, and I DARE you not to dance” danciness and an even BIGGER  just-TRY-not-to-blast-this-baby-from-your-car-radio-full-volume-with-all-the-windows-down-when-you’re-cruisin’ -of-a-summer’s-eve on your way to havin’ your own summer  fun.

AND OF COURSE—it is, for moi, also irrevocably linked with that dang crisp white v-neck tee and them dang red britches and WAY-too-good HAIR and GUH that FACE… and finished off with hints of amusement park in the background—all now permanently SEARED onto my brain cell. (I am forevah beholden to that lovely random fan at Coney Island.)

Now, for all we know the official video will play up the hurt and *emo*drama* of young love and all the “fun” amusement park squences will be looking back to times past… a lost love (a la ALTNOY). No idea. But (thanks to to that dang britches photo and the brilliance that is TOfan) I have MY OWN VIDEO already playin’ in my head …and I’m stickin’ TO it. (If I lurve the real vid, well then I’ll have two vids, now won’t I. Works for meeee. :p)

Speaking of which…I remember spazzin’ big time when I first heard Works For Me. (I still spazz so bad over that song I’m surprised I’m even still ALIVE.) FOR ME it was like witnessing David step up, easily-breezily, with a big ole steel spike & sledge hammer in tow and casually STAKING HIS CLAIM on SOULFUL POP TURF, as in “I think I like it here and I think I’ll STAY awhile…IF. YOU. DON’T. MIND.” It is HIS song, HIS story, HIS GUH-ROOVE-I-TUDE (oh baby) and HIS RIGHTFUL territory thanyouverymuch. I won’t even START re: how the “industry” is serving up so much I-DON’T-EVEN-KNOW schtuffffz and calling it “R’n’B”. Psh. Bull Hockey. For me, David showed ’em how it’s done. OMG I get *wobbly* just thinkin’ about it.

But I digress…

With SBL I get a similar (but not the same) feeling. It’s like he ambles into the ring (I’m talkin’bout that ring where the Big Pop Dogs spar) and says somewhat modestly “You mean something like this?” and then *BAM!* slaps down the Something ‘Bout Love monster and leaves everybody DYING A HAPPY DEATH. Even those who don’t wanna like a lectro-bot ditty are not safe. He manages to infuse it with everything that’s important to HIM (both in content and style,) delivers it seemingly effortlessly with all the stinkin’ awesomage of his ingrained musical intelligence and chops, and yet hangs strictly within the confines of what I consider a specific (and for me usually inadequate) pop musical genre. It’s as if David’s just delivering a friendly tip’o’the’hat to a genre that so many DO love and associate so much fun with in their own lives (himself included, no doubt)… and then meanders off (in search of a more Beautiful Distraction, perhaps?) leaving a trail of happy corpses in his wake. (: Verdict: HOME RRRRRRRRUNNNN! (and, hey, nice hair… but, yo, watch it with the Archu_gaze, buddy. People. could. get. HURT.)

Oh, one more thing, since I can blibberblabber and blither on and onnnnnnn here at the planet …

I find this so… just plain crazy::  Something ‘Bout Love is nothing if not YOUNG. UBER YOUNG (in the BEST of possible ways). It is SUMMERY. It is DANCEY. It is BOPPY.  Am I wrong? (Answer: NO! :p)

And yet I’ve seen so many comments indicating that this song shows how David’s “all grown up.”


(yeah, you’n’me, both, buddy)

Sorry, but David has shown massive musical and personal maturity for literally YEARS now. What David has done with Something ‘Bout Love is THIS (once AGAIN) :  SHOWN ‘EM HOW IT’S DONE. KABOOM!! Behold The Archulator!! Woot!


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Right-click and open large image in separate window...IF you dare.

I am now offiically *DAID!* DAY-YUM!

WHAT are they tryin’ to DO? kill us all off???? SHEESH! That photo is… is… *bangs head on wall*

OK, I’ve made a (rawtha LARGE) side banner. Anybody who wants to snag it and use it in their blog sidebar, puh-LEEZE help yourself! (It’s 200 px wide, fyi)


Need I say more? (Hope not bcz I’m currently in Emergency *SpAzZzZzZzzzZZZzzzzz* mode!)

Christmas in July! :)

vid credit: genevievewang (gengen! I miss you, gengen! <3)

Oh, I have been waiting SO patiently for July, JUST so I could post this and make myself inexcusably happy. :) While we’re all waiting so patiently (right? lol) for “Something ‘Bout Love” to drop, and while the east coast is suffering through record high temperatures (and meanwhile here in No. Cali the weather is shamelessly PERFECT and I feel so sorry for all my peeps on the east coast) I thought a little “grin til yo face drops off” Christmas Archu Awesomeage might be just the ticket. I’m not sure if it will cool you down, but… it’ll make you forget about everything except UNBEARABLE HAPPINESS. Which, I must say, is NICE. :) Thank you David & Ray!

And I MUST post this. Immediately following all that fun and funny end-of-tour Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas TOMFOOLERY, David turns around and delivers a positively other worldly experience with Ave Maria. Now this WILL give you bona fide *CHILLLLLLLS*

vid credit djbell13 (woot!)

Heaven help me.

(Something ‘Bout LOVE, whoa oh oh oh, Sets You FREEEEEEE! :) )

photo cred: KimmieDavid (right? GOSH how I lurrrve this pic! <3)

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