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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

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I am now offiically *DAID!* DAY-YUM!

WHAT are they tryin’ to DO? kill us all off???? SHEESH! That photo is… is… *bangs head on wall*

OK, I’ve made a (rawtha LARGE) side banner. Anybody who wants to snag it and use it in their blog sidebar, puh-LEEZE help yourself! (It’s 200 px wide, fyi)



Need I say more? (Hope not bcz I’m currently in Emergency *SpAzZzZzZzzzZZZzzzzz* mode!)

Christmas in July! :)

vid credit: genevievewang (gengen! I miss you, gengen! <3)

Oh, I have been waiting SO patiently for July, JUST so I could post this and make myself inexcusably happy. :) While we’re all waiting so patiently (right? lol) for “Something ‘Bout Love” to drop, and while the east coast is suffering through record high temperatures (and meanwhile here in No. Cali the weather is shamelessly PERFECT and I feel so sorry for all my peeps on the east coast) I thought a little “grin til yo face drops off” Christmas Archu Awesomeage might be just the ticket. I’m not sure if it will cool you down, but… it’ll make you forget about everything except UNBEARABLE HAPPINESS. Which, I must say, is NICE. :) Thank you David & Ray!

And I MUST post this. Immediately following all that fun and funny end-of-tour Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas TOMFOOLERY, David turns around and delivers a positively other worldly experience with Ave Maria. Now this WILL give you bona fide *CHILLLLLLLS*

vid credit djbell13 (woot!)

Heaven help me.

(Something ‘Bout LOVE, whoa oh oh oh, Sets You FREEEEEEE! :) )

photo cred: KimmieDavid (right? GOSH how I lurrrve this pic! <3)

Something ‘Bout David

David Archuleta is LOVE. (Am I repeating myself?) David’s new single, “Something ‘Bout Love” has WIN plastered allllll over it. SUMMER HIT SUMMER HIT SUMMER HIT!!! That pic above shows EXACTLY how “Something ‘Bout Love” makes me feeeeeeeeeel!!!!

I’ve long known that a certain predominating pop production style known for its canned, clubby syncopation and inescapable electro-bot autotune overlay was a preferred flavor on today’s pop music menu. While I’ve always been one for vanilla with chocolate fudge sauce and peanuts, pop charts will bear out that the more popular flavor among David’s peers is of this more production-heavy variety.


*calms down*

I remember David saying once that autotune is not for him. Ok. Lord KNOWS I couldn’t agree more. But this is not OVER-autotuned. Just enough to tip his hat to the genre (as in show ’em how it’s done, David, yessss!) while still infusing it with that @(&$(^@(Q(@&#(&@&#( ARCHU_MAGIC. (I MUST confess, I actually really, really LIKE the way it’s used in this song)

Bravo, David! BRAVOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

For those who don’t know (there really can’t be anybody reading this who doesn’t know, but…kikiki) David’s single, “Something ‘Bout Love” will be available for purchase exclusively at David’s official  website ( on July 13, and available on iTunes July 20! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!  ANNNNND, you can listen to it right now on David’s site… IN A PERPETUAL LOOOOOP lolol…. I AM GIDDDDYYYYYYY!

And while I’m CELEBRATING, do NOT MISS David on July 4 on PBS “A Capitol Fourth” where he’ll join other BIIIG STARRRS on the West Lawn of the Capitol. David will sing the National Anthem and Stand By Me! I HOPE HE JAMS WITH GLADYS KNIGHT!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

*calms down*

OH, and while I’m at it…




Helloooo! It’s WAKE-UP TIIIME! Yowza!

Photo cred: MomJulee (thanks Mom!)

Photo cred: MomJulee (thanks again, Mom!)

Among other things divine, David unleashed two of his maybe-they’ll-be-on-his-upcoming-CD-maybe-they-won’t songs in Rexburg, Idaho last night, and honey, I LOVE what I’m hearin’/seein’ here. Fo SHO.

I’ve not yet seen video of all of last night’s peformances. His exquisite “Be Still My Soul” was, well, it was exquisite, of course, and a searingly heartfelt, tear-inducing, soul-stirring, reverent outpouring of a prayer, as only David can deliver. Absolutely perfect for BYU’s Spirit Week and a gift to everyone everywhere. Thank you, David. <3

Howevah, the subject at hand right HERE (rat’chere) is all about a taste of archu_grown POP and if this is any sign… PHEWEEE, his upcoming cd will be one rock solid home run. On a stick! I LOVE what he’s saying. And, boyhowdy, I LURRRRVE HOW he says it. These songs have quirk, message, personal voice, a little sass, guh-roove, great hooks and CHOPS, yowza! Fresh baked pop with heart, soul, fun… errrrrrrrrrrthang! Real Deal ArchuPop FTW!!! His performances speak volumes—He got it GOIN’ ONNNNNNNNNNN. You GO David! YOU. ARE. SO. F.I.E.R.C.E.

Not A Very Good Liar

vid credit: 8throwcenter (muldur! <3)

Parachutes and Airplanes

vid credit: annalisasinger84 (Anny! <3) (but REALLY shot by Gemzone’s 13 year old David-LOVING Granddaughter. Woot! Great JOB! Thanks Kaylee! Kaylee ftw!)

David is making relevant, current, relatable (singable, danceable, lovable, quirky, personal…wait, am I repeating myself?…*slaps self*) pop, and doing it EXCEEDINGLY WELL. (And it ain’t teenie-bop, neither. It’s bigger and better and quirkier and more personal and…*slaps self* than that. As always.) If these two songs don’t make it to the cd, then what does beddah be DANG GOOD. I reeeeeeallly like these, and I reeeeeeeally like “Best Behavior” and “If I Could Only Be.” (So there.)

Y’know, I’ve been pondering the (now world-famous…lol) “big news” tweet announcement (first seen via a Jive tweet. Miracles never cease) to come on David’s facebook this week. I know it’s not standard practice to book a tour out-of-sync with an album-drop, but I wonder if a mini-solo-tour might be in store, PRE-album. It would be a great way to test the waters on these and moaaaaaarrrr songs, AND keep the “Chords of Strength” mojo goin’ (AND take FULL advantage of the interwebz and youtube for buzz and feedback.) THAT would be way cool. That could be WAY SMART. IF… it’s economically feasible. In fact, could be that the ENTHUSIASTIC response to his book tour (for his NEW YORK TIMES No. 15 BEST SELLING MEMOIR thankyouverymuch! *so proud!*) has been enough to convince “the team” that a mini-tour right about now could work out quite nicely, while everybody’s on summer break. And it would get that guy back on the stage where he belongs performing. Callllll me cray-zeh, but I do believe he misses it. :)  Ok… /end pondering]

One last note. Is it just me, or does his “Works For Me” just get more frickin frackin  guh-roovilicious by the minute? Shee-ee-eeeesh. STOP THAT, DAVID. (not)

vid credit: 8throwcenter (muldur! <3)

Ok, I lied. THIS is the last note: Titles like “Not a Very Good Liar” and lines like “you remind me of a ballerina dancing on a wire”… this is quirk I can’t EVAH get enough of. And the tempo and beat of both… luuuuuuv. I dig the pace and beat. And  I LOVE that he’s embracing his head voice and slingin’ it all around. Also, (1) I am pleased to report that I’m not the only one who at first heard “like walking on a trampoline” as “like a monkey on a trampoline” kikiki (I was down with that. NO PROB.) And (2) at first the “feel like you’re ten feet off the ground” read “feel like a turkey off the ground” LOL. Hey, I was ready to buy it, I tell ya. What can I say, I dig quirk. lol OH, and I adore that “Parachutes & Airplanes” was dedicated to Claudia. <333333  <3333333333

OK done.

Bedtime Story

The Nightingale, A Tale from the Stories of Hans Christian Andersen with Illustrations by Edmund Dulac

Click this image to read the tale. Sweet Dreams. :)

Um, David, excuse me but…

David Archuleta's memoir, "Chords of Strength" hits New York Times Bestseller List June 11, 2010. Squeeee!

Did I say *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!* already? :)

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David's hit single "Something 'Bout Love" available July 20 at and his upcoming CD also available for PRE-ORDER on July 20!
New Hit Single from David Archuleta, Available July 20 at
David Archuleta's memoir "Chords of Strength" hits New York Times Best Seller List at No. 15, June 11, 2010

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