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I could drink a case of you*

This is a screen shot but, as you've prolly discovered, when you click it, it goes die-RECT-ly to the actual Planet RamblyDavid. lol

As someone with a short attention span my own self, I find it nothing short of miraculous that I can watch this hour long chunk of archu_RamblyRamblin deluxe w.i.t.h.o.u.t…s.o..m.u.c.h…a.s…b.l.i.n.k.i.n.g…a.n…e.y.e. LOL. Now WHY IS THAT? HM? (No need to answer that question. lol)  This is like the m.o.a. vlogs. Gimme mooooaaaaarrrr *grabby hands* I can take as much of this as you can dish out!

But, David, if that Ustream LIVE one-hour, crazy rolling chat room Q&A format wears you down, just remember, we all ADORE your regular, garden-variety vlogs, too. OK? You don’t HAFTA do whacketywhack live chat q&a if it’s too taxing. (But, yo, we’ll all BE THERE if you DO. :) )

Pressing (if random) Question: So, people, don’t you agree, David wouldn’t oh so recklessly talk about LOVING (to TRY to…lol) Bachata if he weren’t seriously considering unleashing it on stage here pretty soon? (At least a little? Hey, we’ll take anything…) Well, I agree. (with myself. lol) (which is nice)

… and I would still be on my feet…*

* Disproportionately hefty footnote: Hard to know who reads the planet or what their musical tastes and whatnot are. That’s just one of the crazy, kooky things about being a David fan—so many people of all stripes love and “get” David (who, as we all know, is the real deal on every conceivable front, in every conceivable way.) Anyway in case you don’t get the musical reference, “Case of You,” and its relevance to David (besides the OBVOIOUS fact that we could all drink a case or two of him and still be on our FEET, that is)… I am so PLEASED I managed to FIND the interview I remembered reading some time back (late ’08? early ’09?) wherein he cited as one of his very favorite albums NOT just any ole album from the ’70’s, but truly one of my most favorite albums EVER. I remember, upon first reading that interview, promptly spinning into deep archu_squee_spazz mode and my already ridiculously deep appreciation for David exploded exponentially on the spot. (Actually, this happens a lot. He blows my mind all the dang time.) Anyway, the interview was on a UK site, and the part I’m talking about is his reference to the album “Blue” by Joni Mitchell. Mitchell is such a brilliant poet, songwriter, musician (and painter!) That David thoroughly appreciates this (or even knows who Joni Mitchell is, fer pete’s sake) just makes me CRAZY. Almost as crazy as his appreciation for Eva Cassidy, Ella Fitzgerald… and frankly the amazing mix of musical influences that delight him. But with the Joni/Eva/Ella references, it’s like he tries to think up things that he KNOWS will speak VOLUMES to ME about his depth of musical genius…AS IF I couldn’t discern it all instantly just from watching him in action. GUH!  I do and have experienced it ALL just from watching him in action. But still. lol… makes meh squee mah haid off when he reveals stuff like that. OK, where was I? Oh…here’s the excerpt:

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh man, I don’t know, that’s too hard to choose!

What if you had to pick one, or get your head chopped off?

Okay, I guess it totally depends on my mood. Maybe a John Mayer CD, I really like his live album, Where The Light Is.; it’s a really good one. Or maybe, Blue by Joni Mitchell, that’s one of my favourite records. I love every song on that CD.


Suffice it to say, I highly recommend everybody run (do not walk) to Amazon or iTunes and buy Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” album…or ELSE… imma chop yo haid off! kikiki  ok not really. Just realize: David LOVES this album. I think you will, too.


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