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Later that evening…

=:O !!!!!

=:O !!!!!  =:O !!!!!

SHO’nuff groovin’ now, y’all…

video credits: StarryNites01 (Thank you MONICA! <3)


<3 <3 <3

Here’s Sam in his hey day… with Dave. :)

My happiness is inexpressible.

*dies again*


Sparkchuleta FTW!

I MUST post this… bcz… bcz I CAN. And since, for the time being, I’ve been swallowed whole by the Sparkchuleta No Air Vortex…it’ll be so much more convenient to park it here.  lol

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David's hit single "Something 'Bout Love" available July 20 at and his upcoming CD also available for PRE-ORDER on July 20!
New Hit Single from David Archuleta, Available July 20 at
David Archuleta's memoir "Chords of Strength" hits New York Times Best Seller List at No. 15, June 11, 2010

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