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I loves me my Mister Sassy

Man, when he’s relaxed and comfortable…WATCH OUT, PEOPLE. DANG he slays me. (Oh, and nice hair, buddy) All this Archu_activity of late is makin’ me KUH-RAZY. I don’t have time for this insanity. Cut it out, David. (Not)


Feeling Good

I still don’t know what this site is for, exactly. I do know I love me my David Archuleta,  however.

Sometimes it just comes down to one thing for me where David Archuleta is concerned. He just plain makes me FEEL GOOD. He is the real deal on every conceivable front, and dang it, I LOVE THAT. That he has a deeply multi-faceted honey-toned voice and a brilliant musical instinct and knows exactly what to do with them is but one of many compelling reasons to love him. And my, but I do love that musical soul of his.

While I’m figuring out what this place is for other than free-floating, unspecified, unabashed and unadulterated appreciation of His Royal Adorableness, here are a few exquisite goodies to wallow in. Buckle up, enjoy…and, hey, be careful! (*Hazmatty*)

Ongoing Blog

David's hit single "Something 'Bout Love" available July 20 at and his upcoming CD also available for PRE-ORDER on July 20!
New Hit Single from David Archuleta, Available July 20 at
David Archuleta's memoir "Chords of Strength" hits New York Times Best Seller List at No. 15, June 11, 2010

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