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Ohhh Kayla and Jenna …~!@#$%^*(%$#@!~

*bangs head on wall*


~@#$%^&* ((*^%#@! @#$%^)( *&^%$#@ ~!@#$%) (&^%$#@ !!@#$%^ &(*&^%$#@!@#$ %^&*(* &^$#@! @#$%^ ^%(  hellllllp meeeeeeeeeeeee

For in-depth discussion, refer to this exhaustive expert analysis

Me-0-my, in all my *sPaZzZzzZzY-ness* I almost forgot to post the full video in all it’s unbearably wonderful glory! There is SO MUCH Archu_GOLD in this gem, i can’t even…


I loves me my Mister Sassy

Man, when he’s relaxed and comfortable…WATCH OUT, PEOPLE. DANG he slays me. (Oh, and nice hair, buddy) All this Archu_activity of late is makin’ me KUH-RAZY. I don’t have time for this insanity. Cut it out, David. (Not)

Fresh Baked Guhroovitude

YOWZA!! Soooo happy. BRANG IT, David! *Spazz!* *Squeeee!* *THUD!* (Nice hair.)

What more could one possibly say?

Dear David, this right here is workin’ for meeeeee, too! :) I wouldn’t mind one bit if you sang Works For Me from now on, for every tour. OK? OK. It’s YOUR SONG. You love the song. I love the song. Done deal. :) Thank you for brangin’ the guh-ROOOVE. You are SO FIIIIINE.

Speaking of which… boyhowdy! Lean On Meeeeeeee!

awesome video from 8throwcenter (muldur!) :)

I love my avi


So expressive, don’t you think? I’ve always loved that look on his face. It kind of says “WHAAAAAAAAA…???? HUH?????”

Works for me. :) Big time. Never goes out of style in the archu_verse, that’s fo’ sho’.

Another of my avi’s that also works for me:

You shouldn't fight anyway!

Words to live by. Uh huh. Oh yeahhh. (Also includes the ever-so-relevant “When @DavidArchie tweets, people (and cats) listen. Yo.” Oy.)

At times I’ve thought maybe I should change my avi to this:

or maybe even this:

But…nah. lol

Let’s just have us a little bubbly, shall we?  *cheers!*


And it’s alllllll still workin’ for me.

“…yeah, yeahhh…mmmm-mmmm…”  :)

Later that evening…

=:O !!!!!

=:O !!!!!  =:O !!!!!

SHO’nuff groovin’ now, y’all…

video credits: StarryNites01 (Thank you MONICA! <3)


<3 <3 <3

Here’s Sam in his hey day… with Dave. :)

My happiness is inexpressible.

*dies again*

The Thing and The Thang

I just hafta say one thing.

Well, two things.

No. One “thing” and one “thang”

The Thing
I’ve concluded that David’s ALMA Awards performance of Contigo en la Distancia just has to be, to date, the Archuleta Hope Diamond, IMHO. It, quite seriously, struck me dumb. It IS a class of/on its own. JMHO. I still can’t and won’t choose favorites with David. Way, WAY too much to love out there to be narrowing things down. However, allow me to me reiteriate: Contigo En La Distancia left me dumbstruck.


The Thang

That said, I have to state—as I am wont to do periodically—that, IMO, to try to contain David within the confines of the Ballad Boy Box is just… well, a monstrous, dark & gnarly, green & slimey…SIN of the highest order (or would that be lowest?) When I (still!) hear comparisons to Josh Groban, I find it —I’m not kidding—downright nauseating. (Almost as sickening as when one *gag* N. Judd *gag* gushed about David on Star Search with comparisons to *gag* Wayne *gag* frackin’ *gag* Newton*… ew … ew … ew … ewwwww) I jez can’t take it. *bangs head on table*

*composes self*

With all due respect to the talented and lovely Mr. Groban (I do recognize and acknowledge both his talent and what appears to be a perfectly lovely persona,) David has more heart and soul and sass and chops and musical intuition and guh-roovitude in the furthest right eyelash of his upper left eyelid at any given nanosecond than Mr. Groban could ever even imagine wishing or hoping to have in his entire being in a hundred lifetimes.

This soulfulness is embedded in one way or another in every song David sings. Sometimes small, intuitive, perfectly weighed and deftly delivered nuances, and other times, as we all know, he jez let’s it allllll hang out and BRANGS IT BABY — full-on soulful, jazzy, blusey, Archu_Sass’n’Soul. I think what gets to me is any suggestion that he should in any way abandon or damp down such a THANG in favor of ballads, and only ballads. The very notion makes me positively ill. Mercifully, of late I am not only feeling even more reassured that he could no more divest himself of that part of his musicality than he could, say, …smack a kitten, but I am also getting the feeling that he might just be coming upon another evolutionary spurt where this scrumptious aspect of him everlovin’ *mighty-fine-itude* may be even more deliciously and confidently revealed and expanded. *clings to defibrillator* Brrraaang it, David! I’m a’ready!

I know when I run on about this it must seem as if I’m more enamored with the overt Soul-Man David than I am the pure Ballad David, but really, that is SO not the case. Nooooo. (REALLY! *crosses heart* lol) I just fret about the baby being thrown out with the bathwater —which, from my vantage point, happens far too frequently in oh so many ways. I fret about under-appreciation and under-recognition of, imo, his outrageous, thoroughly organic, innate soulful genius. So… meh, I blither. Occasionally. lol

But make no mistake, I see so many facets to David Archuleta’s musical soul—not just Ballad Boy, and not just Soul Man. And I salivate in anticipation, as he takes his sweet time and plays with each and every one of those facets…”like a shiney new toy” (to quote Joner —thank you, Joner! lol)

David has so much musicality in him. I just can’t bear the notion of anybody limiting or pigeon-holing him. Only David is allowed to do that. (Maybe.)

Allllrighty. I feel MUCH bettah now, thank you. heh.







Thing (or possibly a hybrid ThingThang in this particular case…lol)


OH, I could just go on and on, folks… there is, oh, so much more where this came from. Just remember, when it comes to David Archuleta, it’s best just to sit back and take it in…. pigeon holing is neither desirable, applicable, nor, frankly, even an option.

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