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Ohhh Kayla and Jenna …~!@#$%^*(%$#@!~

*bangs head on wall*


~@#$%^&* ((*^%#@! @#$%^)( *&^%$#@ ~!@#$%) (&^%$#@ !!@#$%^ &(*&^%$#@!@#$ %^&*(* &^$#@! @#$%^ ^%(  hellllllp meeeeeeeeeeeee

For in-depth discussion, refer to this exhaustive expert analysis

Me-0-my, in all my *sPaZzZzzZzY-ness* I almost forgot to post the full video in all it’s unbearably wonderful glory! There is SO MUCH Archu_GOLD in this gem, i can’t even…


thank you 8throwcenter (muldur! <3)


hellllllllppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

thank you emilyluvsarchie  :) <3

thank you jr4djma :) (JackRyan4da! <3)

thank you ArchuletaAvenue :) (Wanda! :) <3)

*bangs head on table*


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Right-click and open large image in separate window...IF you dare.

I am now offiically *DAID!* DAY-YUM!

WHAT are they tryin’ to DO? kill us all off???? SHEESH! That photo is… is… *bangs head on wall*

OK, I’ve made a (rawtha LARGE) side banner. Anybody who wants to snag it and use it in their blog sidebar, puh-LEEZE help yourself! (It’s 200 px wide, fyi)

He who hoots

He can’t go around HOOTING on vlogs and not be celebrated for it, CAN HE? NO.

Quite honestly, the last two vlogs have been so… so… gggg..ggggg…GGGGUH! adorable… they nearly killed me.

My condition deteriorates exponentially with every passing day. Don’t expect my *ahem* “articles” to do anything but deteriorate right along with me. It cannot be helped. Blame David. *takes no responsibility*

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