Welcome to the spare page at Planet Hunkerdown. The content on this page may stay here for awhile and then be replaced later by something new. The page itself may disappear altogether at times, or remain, but contain nothing when nothing’s called for. It’s a place for odds and ends.

ELEVATOR Tee-shirt art for iron-on heat transfers

Image requirements for tee-shirts vary depending on the method and/or vendor you are using.  The files used for the elevator avatars that have been floating around lately are suitable only for web avatar art — not large or high enough resolution for tee-shirts. The files below should work better for iron-on tee-shirts.

A few things about iron-ons:

1) You need a “flopped” image. It prints backwards on your transfer sheet, then when you iron it on, it’s right again.

2) The iron-on transfer sheets you buy at Target or Walmart are (I assume) limited to letter-size sheets or 8 x 10 sheets. I can only assume that relatively higher resolution (at least 150 dpi) is needed to get a reasonably crisp image on a tee.

3) The quality of your print out and resulting tee depends as much on your printer and the settings you choose when you print as it does on the image you are using. You may find some helpful tips by googling ” how to get the best results with iron-on heat transfer tee-shirts.” I recommend you do this.

The two images below are of the same image, but in two different sizes. They are both JPG files that are 150 dpi, and are “flopped” on purpose.

TO DOWNLOAD: click on the image (it should open in a new window) then right-click on the image and choose “save image to downloads”. (Wording may vary depending on your browser and/or computer but should work more or less as described here.)

12″ x 12″, 150 dpi :

and 8″ x 8″, 150 dpi:


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