Christmas in July! :)

vid credit: genevievewang (gengen! I miss you, gengen! <3)

Oh, I have been waiting SO patiently for July, JUST so I could post this and make myself inexcusably happy. :) While we’re all waiting so patiently (right? lol) for “Something ‘Bout Love” to drop, and while the east coast is suffering through record high temperatures (and meanwhile here in No. Cali the weather is shamelessly PERFECT and I feel so sorry for all my peeps on the east coast) I thought a little “grin til yo face drops off” Christmas Archu Awesomeage might be just the ticket. I’m not sure if it will cool you down, but… it’ll make you forget about everything except UNBEARABLE HAPPINESS. Which, I must say, is NICE. :) Thank you David & Ray!

And I MUST post this. Immediately following all that fun and funny end-of-tour Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas TOMFOOLERY, David turns around and delivers a positively other worldly experience with Ave Maria. Now this WILL give you bona fide *CHILLLLLLLS*

vid credit djbell13 (woot!)

Heaven help me.

(Something ‘Bout LOVE, whoa oh oh oh, Sets You FREEEEEEE! :) )

photo cred: KimmieDavid (right? GOSH how I lurrrve this pic! <3)

1 Response to “Christmas in July! :)”

  1. 1 TOfan July 7, 2010 at 11:47 am

    PERFECT, thanks beebs!!! hahahaha, it’s sweltering here today so I shall have myself a merry little Planet Hunkerdown instead!

    :lol: :lol:

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